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Kyoko / Oct 24, 2014

New voice comm is up, from now on we're gonna be using Teamspeak 3 instead of Ventrilo.
I think teamspeak is a better choice since its voice activated, instead of push to talk. I hope that'll remove the barrier a little
for some people to talk a bit more =). Anyway, I'm always on it whenever im on my computer. A few of my friends will also use it so I hope this will start to be a place where you can hangout outside of raids too.

Download Teamspeak 3:
Here's the IP:
Currently I don't have a password set to make it more accessible, but if you run into any random spammers or whatever let me know, and ill put a password on it.

-Lots of uncomfortably excessive amounts of love,
Kyoko / Oct 18, 2014

So the postal company lost my internet package so I had to order a new one which just came in today. So FINALLY I HAVE INTERNET.
I assume most of you have already started to prepare for WoD, so might aswell make it official. We'll be preparing for WoD from now on so yes that means level cap is 90 now. Prepare in your own way, do whatever you want and when WoD hits we'll be leveling to level 100 and carry on the raiding dream. I don't necessarily think we could say the project is over since we've always been a raiding guild and a community at it's very core from the start, so I see it more as a next step.

Anyway, see you soon

Kyoko / Sep 24, 2014
That's right, it's that time again. We're raising the level cap to level 85 Monday the 29th at 0:00 AM. Since excitement for ICC has kinda... faded away, I figured: New content? Hell yeah. So yeah, since it's only 5 levels i'll try to set up a raid that same week on Wednesday and/or Thursday. Additionally, this week's raid on Thursday has been cancelled due to IRL stuffs for a lot of people, so Sunday will be our last WoTLK raid, so it would be awesome if ya'll showed up =)

We'll be spending a bit more than a month on Cata before we, as planned, prepare ourselves for WoD raiding. As for the Ilvl cap, we're gonna have one similiar to the one we've had in WoTLK. Ilvl cap for the start of Cata will be at 359, the same ilvl of all epics from tier 11 raids(on normal). Furthermore, I see no reason to not allow people to do the ZA/ZG heroics, since ilvl from there is lower than the tier 11 epics, and will reduce the time we have to spend farming those starter heroic dungeons.

Kyoko / Aug 22, 2014
With Herald of the Titans achieved we move on to the next tiers of raiding. As planned, we will be doing around 1 week of the ToC raid, before moving on to ICC. The Justice Points item level cap has to been raised to 251. At this ilvl you can buy your tier 10 items from JP, however you are unable to buy the ICC 264 ilvl items with Justice Points. This means that you are allowed to wear 264 ilvl items from Crafted or any other BoE source. Outside of the tier 10 you can now also purchase the ilvl 245 ToC items from the JP vendor in Dalaran.

The justice points ilvl cap probably won't be raised to 264 until we have completed the majority of ICC 10 on normal mode.
Kyoko / Aug 20, 2014

I think everyone should watch this video to get a clearer and better understanding of the fight.

Some changes we could consider:

  • Have the tank(the one who is not tanking the boss, obviously) deal with the constelations instead of the dps who is also killing the stars. This would make managing the constelations and timing/placement of stars a lot smoother.

  • Stars must be killed as far away from the raid as possible, that way we don't risk having people accidentally walk into the portals when they're not supposed to(aka instant death)

  • Use bloodlust after the first star kill. This would make the transition from the 2nd star kill to the 2nd phase faster, and make the healing a lot more managable. We would miss out on the extra dps on the 2nd phase however.

I hope everyone will have watched/read this before we attempt him again next raid.